Burglaries involving safes over Christmas

Metropolitan Police SignA number of incidences where burglars targeted safes in homes or business premises were reported over the Christmas period.

In Norwich, thieves broke into the Big C charity shop and managed to remove a safe that was bolted to the wall. There was a significant quantity of cash in the safe at the time. The shop’s manager believed a large amount of force would have been necessary to tear the safe from the brickwork. Many security safes can be bolted to a wall thanks to drill holes in the rear, but they should also be secured by base fixing as well for maximum protection.

On Boxing Day, Jack Fulton’s food store in Ripley was raided. Burglars were able to drill open the safe and remove the cash stored inside. This is most unusual, as modern high security safes feature reinforced protection plates which should see off even the most determined of drill attacks. However, given the right tools and enough time to work without fear of interruption, a skilled burglar could well circumvent these. It is also possible that the safe in question simply wasn’t suitable for protecting a large volume of cash.

Finally, in Bletchley, a safe containing bank cards and statements was stolen from a house in broad daylight. The thieves also stole men’s clothing. The ease with which these burglars were able to remove the safe suggests that it was either incorrectly installed, had not been bolted to a wall or floor, or was a fireproof safe rather than a cash safe and so designed to protect against flames rather than theft.

These three incidents illustrate the importance of carefully choosing a safe that provides the level of security you need, as well as the importance of ensuring the safe is correctly installed. In general, security safes must be bolted to the ground or to the wall before your insurance company will cover any losses incurred through burglary.

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