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Installing Wall Safes: Lights, Camera, Burglary

This year’s Cannes Film Festival was the unlikely location for a timely reminder into how important it is to ensure your safe is correctly installed. As the Reuters news agency reports, Chopard jewellery worth up to €1.4 million was stolen from a hotel room during the prestigious gathering. The burglar is said to have completely removed the safe from the wall. The hotel in question – the Suite Novotel in the centre of Cannes – declined to comment.

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Wall and Underfloor Safes

Although freestanding safes are by far the most popular, wall and underfloor models are still built by many manufacturers. Equally as secure as their freestanding counterparts — provided they have been tested and certified to the same independent standards — wall safes and floor safes have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

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Bolting it down: Installing your security safe

A security safe will provide very little burglar resistance for its contents if it hasn’t been installed correctly. Worse still, an insurance company will most likely refuse to cover any losses if it emerges that the safe was incorrectly or inappropriately installed.

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