Olle Smart Safes – Unlock with an App

Olle Ocluc App

Spanish safe manufacturer Olle recently launched a new electronic lock system which can be operated via smartphone app. The system is called Ocluc and is currently available on a range of Olle wall and freestanding safes.

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Mystery Safes in New Jersey Mayor’s Office

Staff in New Jersey’s municipal building have uncovered a pair of mysterious safes that could be up to 100 years old. The safes were discovered in a vault which is now used for storage and filing. Newly elected Mayor Steve Fulop says that nobody knows when the safes were installed, what they were used for, [...]

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Installing Wall Safes: Lights, Camera, Burglary

Burton Biosec Wall Safe

This year’s Cannes Film Festival was the unlikely location for a timely reminder into how important it is to ensure your safe is correctly installed. As the Reuters news agency reports, Chopard jewellery worth up to €1.4 million was stolen from a hotel room during the prestigious gathering. The burglar is said to have completely removed the safe from the wall. The hotel in question – the Suite Novotel in the centre of Cannes – declined to comment.

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Infographic – Safety First: Protection Against UK Home Theft

In our first infographic, we look at some of the frightening burglary statistics gathered in the UK over recent years, and at how best to ensure you don’t become a statistic yourself.

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A Timeline of the Chubb Safes Company

Chubbsafes Logo

Chubb Safes (now known as Chubbsafes) is one of the oldest and most well known brands of safe in the world. The company has a long and proud history stretching back to the early 1800′s.

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Chubbsafes Cobra Pro Updated

Chubbsafes Cobra Pro Key Lock Models

Chubbsafes recently launched an updated version of their Cobra G1 safe. Now known as the Cobra Pro, the electronic version of the safe has been upgraded to include a convenient LED light.

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Deposit Safes

Burton R51 Drum Deposit System

Deposit safes are an effective way of increasing security, especially for the retail and banking sectors. Find out more about the different types of deposit safe available and what features to look out for.

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A quick guide to Vehicle Safes

Car Keys with Alarm Fob

Vehicles make an attractive target for thieves, not just for the vehicle itself but for what might be inside it. Cash, electronics and tools are easily grabbed, even if a vehicle is only left unattended for a few minutes. Such items need protection, and that’s why a vehicle safe is such a wise investment.

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Ideal for the home: Veteran Carbon S2 Fire and Security Safes

Veteran Carbon S2 Safes

Combining certified fire and security protection in one great value safe, the Veteran Carbon S2 range is ideal for use in the home.

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Safe Doors: Anti-drill plates, relockers and more

While the lock on your safe door is its most obvious security feature, there are other less visible pieces of technology that also play their part. These are typically built into the door itself. They may form part of the locking mechanism or protect it in some way, or they might simply act to reinforce the door against certain types of attack.

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