Olle Smart Safes – Unlock with an App

Olle Ocluc AppSpanish safe manufacturer Olle recently launched a new electronic lock system which can be operated via smartphone app. The system is called Ocluc and is currently available on a range of Olle wall and freestanding safes.

The Ocluc system is compatible with most iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, as well as Android devices running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher. The device must also support Bluetooth version 4.0. This provides low energy communication between the smartphone and lock so there’s no need to worry about your phone’s battery life. It also makes it very easy to connect the smartphone to the lock, with no cables needed. Simply activate Bluetooth on your device and on the lock, then scan for the lock from within the Ocluc app.

Once your smartphone has been connected to the safe’s lock, you can unlock the safe by keying in your PIN on your phone’s screen, then turning the key in the lock. This means the keypad on the safe itself rarely has to be used, making it impossible for a would-be burglar to guess what your code might be by looking for worn or faded text on keys. A wide range of other options and features are also available via the Ocluc app, including:

  • Audit trail, which shows a full list of all times the safe was locked and unlocked
  • Time delays, to prevent the safe opening immediately after the PIN is entered
  • Time opening windows, giving you control over exactly when the safe can be opened
  • Light/sound control, allowing you to switch on and off the safe’s internal light and its keypad beeps

Many of these features have traditionally only been available on high-end electronic locks.

Olle 803E Smart SafeAnother advanced feature offered by the Ocluc system is a duress code, which can be used if a burglar forces you to open the safe. The duress code can be programmed to send a pre-recorded message to certain contacts in your phonebook, discreetly alerting them to the fact that you are potentially in danger. The safe will open as normal when the duress code is used, so the burglar will have no idea that anything is amiss until help arrives to apprehend him.

The Ocluc system is ideal for homes and hotels, providing an easy way to manage both basic and advanced features on the safe’s electronic lock. For those without access to a smartphone, most features are also accessible through the keypad on the safe itself. Safes are supplied with an emergency key to use in the event that all codes are forgotten, while the locks also feature emergency battery contacts to use if the internal batteries are accidentally allowed to completely discharge.

The Olle Ocluc system is currently available on their 600, 800 and 1000 Series wall and freestanding safes, as well as their SUB anti-hold up safes with security drawer and their DEP deposit safes.

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