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Installing Wall Safes: Lights, Camera, Burglary

This year’s Cannes Film Festival was the unlikely location for a timely reminder into how important it is to ensure your safe is correctly installed. As the Reuters news agency reports, Chopard jewellery worth up to €1.4 million was stolen from a hotel room during the prestigious gathering. The burglar is said to have completely removed the safe from the wall. The hotel in question – the Suite Novotel in the centre of Cannes – declined to comment.

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Testing burglar resistance: The EN 1143-1 test in detail

The very best security safes are independently tested by organizations such as ESSA/ECB-S to determine the amount of burglar resistance they provide. To ensure fair play, tests are carried out according to international standards such as the European EN 1143-1 Eurograde system. But how exactly do these tests measure burglar resistance? The EN 1143-1 burglar [...]

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