UK Organisations Providing Security Safe Approval

Burton Aver Approved by AiS

Burton Aver Approved by AiS

It’s not only European organisations such as the ECB-S who can provide approval for security safes and similar products. There are also several UK-based groups who can do likewise. If your safe has been approved or certified by any of the following organisations, then it is almost certain to provide the amount of protection it claims.

The Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS) is a body of experts who deal with risk control and management, with particular expertise in matters relating to fire and theft insurance. The AiS maintain a vast listing of safes and assign each one a recommended cash rating. The safes in this list include not just current brands and models, but also older discontinued safes from manufacturers who may have long since ceased trading. Some of the oldest safes mentioned in the list date from the 1930′s.

The AiS Approved Safe logo.

The AiS Approved Safe logo.

The AiS issue approval to safes which meet certain criteria. Typically an AiS approved safe must have been independently tested and certified to European standards by a body such as the ECB-S or by a recognized and well-regarded testing lab. AiS approved safes carry a special purple circle logo, as shown to the right.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) came into being in the 1980′s. They publish and maintain their own standards and specifications for safety and security products. Products which meet these requirements are listed in the LPCB’s RedBook. LPCB perform tests on sample products and review the manufacturer’s production facilities prior to granting them LPCB approval.

Sold Secure has been in existence since 1992 when it was founded by Northumbria and Essex police. It is now operated by the Master Locksmith’s Assocation (MLA), a not for profit trade organisation. Sold Secure operates from purpose-built laboratories where products are tested by master locksmiths. In addition to safes and secure cabinets, they also certify and approve a wide range of products including vehicle locks and standard padlocks. Products are generally graded as Gold, Silver or Bronze to reflect the level of security they provide and are mainly recommended for domestic use.

Secured by Design logo

Secured by Design logo.

Secured By Design was established in 1989 and is operated by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Although they focus more on the security aspects in building design, they also approve and recognize other products such as safes and locks. Products which gain Secured by Design approval are essentially police approved as well.

EuroSafe UK is the British offshoot of the Europe-wide EuroSafe body. EuroSafe UK was founded to protect and promote the interest of British safe manufacturers. Companies who join EuroSafe UK agree to a certain code of conduct which requires them to fully disclose information relating to how and where their safes are tested and certified. If a company is found to be providing misleading information about their safes’ protective abilities, their membership is terminated. EuroSafe UK do not approve or certify individual safes. However, if a safe maker is a member of this organisation, it is fair to assume they are supplying a quality product.

You will notice that some safes and security safes are approved by more than one of the above bodies. Generally speaking, a safe approved and certified by the ECB-S will also be approved by the AiS. It would also more than likely be approved by the other bodies listed here, if the manufacturer chooses to submit it for approval. Many manufacturers will choose not to, as the approval process may result in extra expenditure.

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